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Jan Caswell, a longtime friend and current client of MRW Connected, recently applied for a $150,000 grant to expand Caswell Communications, a mission-based company focusing on providing a better quality of life for seniors with a hearing impairment.

Jan needs 200 more votes in the next 2 weeks to have her application considered for this generous grant.

Please visit MissionMainStreetGrants.com to case your vote for Caswell Communications!

CASWELL COMMUNICATIONS is led by Jan Barber Caswell, a nationally-known expert in the field of deafness and hearing impairment for more than four decades. Formerly the Vermont State Coordinator of Services for the Deaf and more recently a Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf in Massachusetts, Jan is well-versed in deaf culture/community issues as well as being fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

Known for her warm smile, her sense of humor, her optimism and her strong work ethic, Jan’s creative approach to problem-solving has resulted in developing multiple opportunities for deaf/hearing impaired individuals in the education and employment sectors around New England and beyond. Jan is now focusing her attention on the needs faced by late-deafened adults and the elder population as they continue to maintain their independence.

CASWELL COMMUNICATIONS offers the following services to help your organization improve communication between deaf/hearing impaired and hearing individuals:CONSULTATION, TRAINING and EQUIPMENT.

Jan shares knowledge of her field through "HEAR WE GO" TRAINING VIDEOS available through subscription, "SOUND SOLUTIONS" EQUIPMENT SALES on-line  and “NOW HEAR THIS” INFORMATIONAL BLOG and relevant resource links on her web pages. Find information on deafness, ASL, hearing aids, cochlear implants, technology and other pertinent facts.

Jan Caswell has been a leader in providing opportunities for Deaf and hearing impaired persons to live fulfilled lives by having access to education and employment. For more than four decades, she has served in a variety of positions, all dedicated to empowering Deaf and hearing impaired individuals. Her dedication to promoting access for this population has helped in bringing more understanding of the accommodations needed for them to succeed in education, employment  and in life in general.  Both her knowledge of communication techniques and appropriate equipment allow those with a hearing impairment to stay involved with their everyday activities which bring them satisfaction.

Her compassion, her love of people, her desire for equal opportunities for all make her a passionate advocate for the rights of individuals with hearing impairments of all ages. With her gregarious personality and quick wit, she is able to negotiate the paths that lead to access through accommodation.

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