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We're thrilled to announce the launch of the new Billings Forge Community Works website.  Billings Forge is an incredible community organization in Hartford, and we loved partnering with their team to redesign their site.  

Billings Forge creates wonderful food in its sustainable cafes and catering businesses, runs a yearlong farmers market where everyone comes to put food on their family table, and grows foodr in its community garden.  As the organization describes itself:
We use food to change lives, build community, and create opportunities."

Built in Wordpress, the new site is an information hub for community members, donors, and local businesses who want to learn more about the incredible work the organization performs in the Frog Hollow neighborhood of Hartford, CT.  We worked with the Billings Forge team over an intensive two-week period to create the design, revise the site's information architecture, and re-write all page content. 

Check it out at billingsforgeworks.org

Leadership has a new look!

January  17,  2020
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 MRW worked with Leadership Greater Hartford on a multi-phase project to rebrand the organization in conjunction with its 40th anniversary. The project began with a comprehensive review of the organization’s existing programs to answer a basic but crucial question: at its core, what does Leadership Greater Hartford represent? The answer is exemplified in the “three pillars” of the organization: Community, Leadership, and Connections. These pillars informed every aspect of the organization’s rebranding, including a redesigned logo, overhaul of marketing materials, and new website.

Three Rivers Community College website launches

January  17,  2020
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What happens when you get together with over fifty educators to redesign and launch a new website in less than eight weeks?  Ask the fine folks at Three Rivers Community College, because that's exactly what we just did!

Over an accelerated timeline, we worked with the College to create a custom design, overhaul its information architecture and content structure, develop the site in WordPress, and re-write all page content.  Though not part of the original project scope, we were also able to integrate the College's external catalog to feed automatically into the website, creating a seamless experience for prospective students looking to learn more about what makes TRCC's academic opportunities special.

The new website is a visually attractive marketing platform designed to engage prospective students interested in both degree and workforce education programs.  We couldn't be prouder to have partnered with TRCC!