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One Percent for the Planet

MRW recently partnered with 1% for the Planet to donate 1% of our annual revenue to environmental non-profits.

 While we provide web and communications services to primarily local and regional non-profits and educators, the opportunity to join 1% for the Planet allowed the company to more directly support organizations working to protect the environment. MRW Connected is one of three western Massachusetts businesses currently partnered with 1% for the Planet.

We supported six organizations at the end of 2013:

  • Connecticut River Watershed Council
  • Hawthorne Valley Farm
  • Northeast Organic Farming Association, Massachusetts Chapter
  • Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
  • SEEDS 
  • The Food Project

Some of these are local organizations, like the Connecticut River Watershed Council or Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, while others are in the region or around the world, in the case of SEEDS.


“Our company’s mission is built on supporting the work of ‘do gooders’ whom we admire. While historically this has meant developing strong communications platforms to help organizations spread their message, we’re thrilled to now be able to donate to their efforts through 1% to create a cleaner and safer world.” – Tom Willits/MRW

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