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MRW Connected is pleased to announce its new two-year agreement with Hartford Public Schools to provide website design and development services.  In order to continue improving the District's online platforms to best serve its stakeholders, we've contracted with HPS for further development and support of the District’s website, school websites, and intranet.

Since 2012, we've worked with the District to engage families and support staff through the development of the District’s online communications. The work has focused on three key areas: school websites, which offer students and parents access to vital resources while giving each district school a unique voice; the District website, which serves as a city-wide platform for engaging greater Hartford’s diverse stakeholders; and the employee intranet, which provides a central hub for all HPS teachers and staff to communicate, learn, and support one another.

This new two-year project will include a parent-centric redesign of the District's website, creation of a dedicated HPS news portal, development of two mobile apps, and ongoing training and support for staff.

"We couldn't be happier to continue a partnership that began three years ago and has continued to grow and evolve," said Tom Willits, President of MRW Connected.  "This new project will allow us to collaborate with the District to continue exploring how to help staff, parents, students, and community members better connect with one another."


We've recently begun a partnership with the Connecticut General Assembly to redesign the website for the House Democratic Office of the State of Connecticut.  The new website will offer Connecticut residents improved access to information about the issues that most directly affect their districts, while simultaneously allowing State Representatives to more easily share news and updates about their ongoing work.

All of us at MRW are excited to partner with the State of Connecticut on this project.  We see this work as an opportunity to improve the flow of information between citizens and their government while also helping the House Democratic Office update the design and functionality of its web presence.

The new website will be built on an open source Content Management System that allows Representatives and their staff to easily post content without technical knowledge.  The site will also feature responsive design to ensure an optimized browsing experience for users on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The Connecticut General Assembly (CGA) is the legislative branch of government of the State of Connecticut. Through statutory enactments, the Joint Committee on Legislative Management is responsible for the coordination and management of legislative affairs and the supervision and approval of any and all legislative expenditures. 

MRW is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with InfoSnap, the industry leading provider of cloud-based school choice and enrollment management solutions for charter, private, and public schools.  We'll be contributing our marketing, communications, and recruitment support services to operate in conjunction with InfoSnap’s custom-built enrollment management, recruitment, and school choice systems.

Read the full press release here.

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