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Jan Caswell, a longtime friend and current client of MRW Connected, recently applied for a $150,000 grant to expand Caswell Communications, a mission-based company focusing on providing a better quality of life for seniors with a hearing impairment.

Jan needs 200 more votes in the next 2 weeks to have her application considered for this generous grant.

Please visit MissionMainStreetGrants.com to case your vote for Caswell Communications!

Today, MRW CONNECTED and 79 other companies worldwide were recognized for creating the highest quality jobs by the nonprofit B Lab with the release of the third annual ‘B Corp Best for Workers’ list. This analysis includes metrics regarding compensation and benefits, health and wellness programs, parent-friendly flex time and leave policies, professional development and internal promotion, corporate culture, profit sharing and ownership opportunities.

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 00:00

Our Visit To Camp Courant

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We view our clients as partners, working to establish ongoing relationships whenever possible.  So naturally, we jumped at the recent opportunity to visit our friends at Camp Courant in Farmington, CT.  We’re pleased to report that we had a blast!

Waterfall vs. Agile

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We all like to dream big, but how realistic is it to develop a website at the speed of thought?  It depends on the development firm's methodology and the client's level of involvement.  Here's a great breakdown of the pros and cons of Waterfall and Agile development.


Ask The Right Questions

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With the prevalence of low-cost and user-friendly options, it’s easier than ever to design and build an effective website without needing much technical expertise or a large budget. In a sense, the most important work happens before you even begin the heavy lifting of design and development. To create a strong website, it’s all about asking the right questions.

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